Welcome to Phoenix Naturals by Ann!

It is with great pleasure that Ann invites you to explore these pages of modalities and classes.  Each modality and class is tailored to you and your own healing journey.   It is Ann’s belief that we are unique, wondrous creations with very individual needs.  At Phoenix Naturals you will explore your journey towards health, harmony and balance in all aspects of your life.

Phoenix Naturals is the name which Ann has chosen for her business.  The Phoenix is the mythical bird that is always able to rise from the ashes and fly again.  At Phoenix Naturals, Ann is pleased to offer you tools and classes to help you bloom and soar into the fullness of you.

Within each of us is a built in knowledge of everything that we require for complete balance.  By gently looking at your individual needs we shall explore what will best suit you to access your own life balancing knowledge.

You are welcome to come and explore the tools and classes which will enable you to bloom in health, harmony and balance.  These tools and classes are wonderful for the individual exploring their own journey, as well as for the practitioner who is seeking to help themselves as well as others.